My game my way

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Svetislav Pešić


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My game, my way – Svetislav Pesic is not only basketball coach autobiography, but story about life, principles and values that leads to a success.

Happiness in your private life is the basis for everything. Without peace of mind, what do you have? People also want success. For me, life is about overcoming obstacles, inconveniences and setting tasks to be better. Dedication…


In sports, success does not come with only doing what you love, but also loving what you do. Life is changing and I’m learning how to change with it. You need to learn to be humble and accept when someone else does better. It might not always be easy to agree with that, but it’s the best way to success. A balance between modesty and self-confidence.


Basketball is something between team sport and individual sport. A combination of individual creativity and athleticism. The goal has always remained the same: to make a basket.

What’s fascinating about basketball is this: five players are necessary for the team game and team spirit, and yet one player and one coach can significantly impact the development and result of the game through their own decisions.

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My game my way

My game my way

968,00 RSD1.210,00 RSD Sa PDV-om (-20%)